Thought Field Therapy

Thought Field Therapy

Discovered and developed by clinical psychologist, Dr. Roger Callahan PhD, Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is an innovative and rapidly effective form of psychotherapy, already in use in a number of NHS Trusts.

In a typical treatment acupuncture meridian points are tapped with the fingers in a precise sequence whilst the individual focuses their thoughts on their emotional problem. Most people notice an immediate and dramatic improvement in the way they feel following its application.

TFT is best described as an “Information Therapy” in that the meridian points on the body are being used in much the same way as a computer programmer uses a keyboard to bring about change in a computer’s software.

The exact mechanism of TFT’s action remains unknown, but finger tapping of meridian points on the body appears to break the connection between triggering thoughts / perceptions and the troublesome emotional response, analogous to the deactivation of a computer program by the input of a “delete” command.

Following successful TFT treatment, the individual is still able to experience the relevant emotion, whatever that may be, but now only in appropriate situations. The disappearance of the sufferer’s ability to reactivate their emotional problem is also often accompanied by significant cognitive change.

TFT has also undergone considerable “field testing” in the most challenging of situations. In October 2001, for example, Dr. Shkelzen Syla, Chief of Staff with authority over all medical decisions in Kosova, officially adopted TFT as the treatment of choice for those with PTSD in the region. This followed a 100% successful supervised clinical trial.

It is important to state that the procedures do not work on everyone nor for every problem. However, research has indicated that in excess of 75% of individuals undergoing TFT can expect to obtain the enduring resolution they seek. For further information or to arrange for a demonstration / visiting speaker, please contact:

The British Thought Field Therapy Association
PO Box 147
PE22 0ZT
Telephone: 0845 226 4812