Practitioners of complementary medicine

There are major benefits to all practitionersin registering with The NACC Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners. Membership includes entry on both the Website and in the published directory. With an opportunity to provide an additional 200 word detailed background of their practice. The Directory has the potential to greatly increase the patient base of individual practitioners, and provide them with an opportunity to confirm their commitment to be recognised as a legitimate part of their local Primary Careteam.

If you are a qualified practitionerand belong to one of the recognised professional organisations and would like to apply for membership of The NACC Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners, an application pack can be sent out to you

Clearly, the GPis the obvious point of referral for patients who wish to access an appropriately trained and motivated practitioner. Until now, the will to integrate Complementary and Alternative Medicine into mainstream healthcare has not been matched by the wherewithal to do so. There has been no single source from which GPscould access the information needed to offer patients the advice and recommendation they seek.

Research shows that, there is a growing enthusiasm among the general public for all forms of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. The NACC Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners provides a means of connecting patients requiring therapy with practitionerswho wish to work, directly or indirectly, with the NHS, via their GP.

The NACC Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitionersenables GPs , via their computer, to access details of appropriate local practitioners quickly and easily during the consultation. The directory provides the GPwith detailed information concerning the fees, qualificationsand treatmentsoffered by individual practitioners. The patient will have the reassurance of a GPreferral, and of knowing that any practitioner in the directory will be one who has registered their desire to work with the NHS.