Additional Info

If you are seeking treatment?

The NACC Directory itself is a restricted access site, and is therefore not open to the general public, however, members of the public will find the general information contained on this site a useful background, there are also hyperlinks to the sites of the existing professional organisations which will provide you with further information.

If you feel that an Alternative Therapy may benefit you, you should make further enquiries with your GP to establish the scope of treatment provision in your area. Although your GP will have been informed about The NACC Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners it may well be helpful to your GP to give them the address of this website and request that they recommend a practitioner who is registered as a member of the directory.

Have you had therapy treatment?

If you are a member of the public and have been treated by a Alternative Therapy Practioner or are currently receiving treatment, The NACC Directory would very much appreciate hearing from you about your experiences, for example, have you found the treatment has helped you, how professional did you feel the practitioner was, did you consider it good value for money, would you use this therapy again in the future, would you be more likely to request treatment if it was available on the NHS, what criticism do you have, if any, of the treatment you received?

Feedback on these particular points and any other relevant aspects of treatment you consider important, would be very much appreciated.